Happy 30th Anniversary to The Empire Strikes Back!

Thirty years ago today, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK was unleashed on screens. Even though I was still in grade school, I knew I was witnessing something truly special as I sat transfixed in the theater at the matinee show, absorbing the incredible Hoth battle, the mystique of Boba Fett, the curious Jedi master Yoda, the wondrous Cloud City, and that head-spinning ending.

Three decades later, George Lucas' second (fifth?) STAR WARS chapter is still embraced by fandom as one of history's greatest sequels, and movies in general. Celebrate by playing with the rocket-firing Boba Fett figure you finally got, flipping through the Star Wars Vault (a genuine must-have for any fan), considering the purchase of that Space Slug Oven Mitt, and pondering where the Blu-Ray release is.

And shudder to think where we geeks of today would be without EMPIRE.

Check out the original trailer below, featuring the uncharacteristically enthusiastic voice of Harrison Ford himself!

Extra Tidbit: Share how EMPIRE has affected you as a movie fan!
Source: JoBlo.com



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