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Hardwicke Riding Hood


Now that director Catherine Hardwicke got vampires out of her system with TWILIGHT, is she shifting her focus to wolves?

Hardwicke is currently considering the latest movie version of the Grimm fairy tale LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, which Leonardo DiCaprio's company is producing.

The project is only described as a "Gothic update" of the famous story, which followed a young crimson-caped girl and her encounter with a wolf in grandma's clothing. ORPHAN screenwriter David Leslie Johnson is working on the script.

On top of that, Hardwicke is considering 21 JUMP STREET, a feature remake of the Johnny Depp TV series that Jonah Hill (!!) is now developing. She's also working on a modernized adaptation of Shakespeare's HAMLET, with Emile Hirsch (INTO THE WILD, SPEED RACER) soliloquizing in iambic pentameter.

Extra Tidbit: Before her feature directing debut THIRTEEN, Hardwicke was a production designer on movies like TOMBSTONE, TANK GIRL and THREE KINGS.
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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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