Hardwicke to stay

We recently reported that TWILIGHT director Catherine Hardwicke was set to direct the first film in another young-adult series called MAXIMUM RIDE. Now comes news that perhaps the biggest female director working today has reunited with Summit Entertainment--the studio that booted her from the TWILIGHT franchise--for which she'll direct IF I STAY, a fantasy-drama based on Gayle Forman's novel of the same name, due to be published this spring. The story centers on a gifted classical musician and her indie rocker boyfriend who's forced to choose between life and death when she's in a car accident with her family. Hmm, sounds ominous.

Much has been made of the split between Hardwicke and the mini-major, after TWILIGHT grossed $380 million worlwide and Hardwicke was replaced for the film's sequel--NEW MOON--by director Chris Weitz. Strange that the studio would throw the mysterious water under the even more mysterious bridge, and hire Hardwicke for what seems to be a major project for them. Gotta love Hollywood! Or not.

Extra Tidbit: If Catherine Hardwicke is not the biggest female director working today, who is?
Source: Variety



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