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Harlin's Law

I have kind of a mixed attitude towards Renny Harlin, since THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT was great (although I attribute that to Shane Black and Samuel L. Jackson), but I just can't ignore the fact that THE COVENANT is awful and MINDHUNTERS was so bad I've heard it can actually kill most land mammals from ten paces. Anyway, Harlin just finished working on BRODIE'S LAW, a $35 million sci-fi epic and here's the dynamite synopsis (There could be spoilers here):

"Jack Brodie, a prison-hardened thief with a short temper and a bad attitude, hopes that a corporate espionage gig will be his ticket to a better life with his estranged, drug addicted wife and their son. The heist goes awry, but Brodie escapes with a secret project: the chemical formula PM13.

Brodie discovers that the heist was a setup; his wife has been killed and his son kidnapped. Fueled by revenge, and with the help of an alluring researcher, Brodie unlocks the secret of formula PM13. He infects himself with the formula, gaining the ability to absorb human DNA and take on the physical form and mind of whoever he touches.

In his desperate search for answers, Brodie becomes the very man who killed his wife and then a sultry dominatrix who lusts after the local crime boss. Before losing his own identity to these transformations, Brodie must confront the man behind this elaborate plot, rescue his son and save his own sanity."

Is it me or does that sound awesome?
Extra Tidbit: Harlin used to be married to THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT star, Geena Davis.
Source: Dark Horizons



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