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Harold & Kumar poster


Itís quite clear at this point that the promo team behind the Harold & Kumar is aware who the real star of this franchise is, and one look at the new teaser poster below will confirm that. The bizarre shot of Neil Patrick Harris sitting on a unicorn underneath the question, ĎWhat would NPH do?í has to be one of the more bizarre posters Iíve seen in recently, but it also shows that these guys just donít give a shit at all and are willing to push the limits of silliness and absurdity, and perhaps drawing the attention of the Academy.

The poster calls the movie HAROLD AND KUMAR 2, but the title has now officially been changed to HAROLD AND KUMAR ESCAPE GUANTANAMO BAY, and by Coming Soon, it means February 8th, the newly announced release date. Thereís also a website entitled, but if you click that link youíll see it only takes you to the filmís official site. Anyway, theyíre certainly milking NPHís appearance in the film, even though he probably wonít be in it for than 10 minutes. But good for him for riding that unicorn. Those things are tough to find. Check out the poster BELOW.

Extra Tidbit: NPH has long been openly gay in his personal life before coming out to the public.
Source: IGN



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