Harold, Kumar Trilogy

When I think of the word "trilogy" as it relates to movies, the words "epic", "grandiose" and "Lord of The Rings" come to mind. If someone had told me after the first Harold and Kumar film was released, that this series was destined for the trilogy hall of fame, I would have called said person a liar, or if I was in a sour mood, a phony.

Lo and behold, after the undeniable success of the first two films, Harold and Kumar will now join Frodo, Peter Parker, and Neo in the annals of film trilogies. The popular ethnic stoners will be featured in a third installment, of which plot details are being kept tightly under wraps. Although the series has done much to redefine the stoner comedy, and with its surprising cult status surely deserves a third film, it is my firm belief that after PINEAPPLE EXPRESS is released on August 8th, the landscape of pot comedies will forever be altered. In other words: Harold, Kumar--you boys have your work cut out for you.
Extra Tidbit: HAROLD AND KUMAR ESCAPE FROM GUANTANAMO BAY was originally produced as a straight-to-DVD fim.
Source: Variety



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