Harrison Ford as Cuny

Looks like Harrison Ford's found his post K-19 project and it's not INDIANA JONES 4.  Quite the opposite actually.  The rumor on the film was reported on JoBlo about two months ago and this is what I wrote in the original article:

Harrison Ford is currently working on a biopic based on the life of relief worker Fred Cuny for Alejandro Inarritu (AMORES PERROS) to direct. The star will produce and possibly star in the film about Cuny who, according to Harrison Ford Web, "traveled to the breakaway republic of Chechnya hoping to broker a ceasefire and evacuate 40,000 elderly Russians. He is believed to have been executed by thugs working for the chief of Chechnya's military intelligence." Ford recently narrated a documentary for PBS on the life of Cuny (for more information visit that site here) and has told Variety he has "been interested for some period of time" in bringing the man's life to the big screen.  The star has another Russian based film on the way - K-19: THE WIDOWMAKER, the story of the former USSR's first nuclear sub, hits theaters this June.

Well it looks like that report (thanks to Harrison Ford Web) was dead on.  Variety confirmed today that Ford will star and produce with Inarritu directing from a script by William Nicholson (GLADIATOR).  The film isn't scheduled to go before cameras until spring 2003 which pushes INDY 4 back until an early 2004 start at least.  Which would mean at best we're looking at a Christmas 2004 or more realistically a summer 2005 release date.  UGH!  I can't wait that long!!!

Source: Variety
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