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Harry Brown poster


Is Michael Caine the Clint Eastwood of British cinema? Sure as hell seems like it with his next movie, HARRY BROWN.

After the trailer giving the GRAN TORINO meets DEATH WISH vibe, the newest poster for the film adds more to the throwback of 70's gangster films. It also proves that like Eastwood, Caine is still capable of kicking ass at the age of 76.

In BROWN, Caine plays an ex-serviceman and widower who becomes a reluctant vigilante after the death of his friend. In true vigilante form, Caine delivers his own kind of bloody justice to those deserving.

I think Caine and Eastwood should team up in a film and defend their lawns against one another.

Extra Tidbit: Captain Murphy of SEALAB 2021 was a tad obsessed with Michael Caine. Even using one of his lines from CIDER HOUSE RULES and making it his own, "Goodnight you princes of Sealab. You kings of the ocean."
Source: Empire



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