Harry Potter's final scenes revealed in new spy shots

Alright, I'm going to have to coat this with a lot of spoiler warnings, as it will reveal either A) the end of the Harry Potter series for anyone who hasn’t read the books or B) how the end of the Harry Potter series will look onscreen if you HAVE read the books.

Turn back now.

Last chance.

OK then, loyal fan or person who doesn't give a shit. Read on.

What we have here is a spy shot from Brazilian Harry Potter fansite Oclumencia (they love it down there too), and it shows the final epilogue scene from the books being filmed. It’s a flash forward 19 years into the future, where everyone is all grown up, Harry is married to Ginny Weasely and they're seeing their kids off to Hogwarts.

We see young James Sirius and Albus Severus for the first time ever, and apparently in the future, kids still have stupid Justin Bieber haircuts. That is Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright wearing age makeup, as it appears they thought a casting change would have been too jarring.

As much as I loved the HP books, I never did buy the Harry-Ginny, Ron-Hermoine pairings that were forged near the end there. For me it was always Harry and Hermoine, and putting them with other people just felt forced.

Alright I’m going to stop talking about this before I start writing fan fiction. Click on the picture to head over to Oclumencia to see more spy shots from the scene.

Extra Tidbit: I almost titled this piece “Harry Potter’s final moments revealed” but I thought that would have been intentionally misleading, implying he dies.
Source: Oclumencia



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