Hartnett brings Rain

It is so easy to dislike Josh Hartnett, but I can appreciate the guy. I don't think I've ever been thrilled by any of his films, but he's never really given a performance that has made me hate him. So I'll embrace the news that he is going to help facilitate Tran Anh Hung's (THE SCENT OF GREEN PAPAYA) move over to Western cinema. Hartnett will star for Hung in the movie I COME WITH THE RAIN, playing a mentally unstable detective who travels to Hong Kong to find a woman with a magic healing touch. Like a lot of the Asian films that do well overseas, Hung's films are characterised by a beautiful cinematography (I can't wait to see what Wong Kar Wai does with Natalie Portman and Rachel Weisz in MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS), so if nothing else, we can hopefully expect to be in for a lush visual spectacle. Hartnett will next be seen in RESURRECTING THE CHAMP.
Extra Tidbit: HERO WANTED was originally conceived as a Josh Hartnett vehicle.
Source: Cinematical



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