Hartnett is Gunslinger

Hartnett looking a little baked...

Reassurance right off the bat for Stephen King fans: Hartnett is NOT going to play the author's iconic DARK TOWER character; nothing against Josh at all, but I really don't see him in that part.

The film called GUNSLINGER is instead a "revenge-driven tale set in the near future in the snowy wasteland of a post-apocalyptic America" to be directed by BLOOD:THE LAST VAMPIRE helmer Chris Nahon. Can't say I've seen it yet so feel free to tell me if that's a good thing.

Hartnett will play one of two brothers who set out to avenge their parents' death at the hand of a vicious gang. 'Cause if you can't get another MAD MAX, you get Josh Hartnett. Cautionary tale I guess.

Now, back to DARK TOWER, what the f*ck is going on??? Where's Sam Raimi when you need him???

Extra Tidbit: I might be the only one, but I enjoyed HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE. Made me appreciate Hartnett a little more. Plus it had a cameo by the amazing Martin Landau.
Source: Variety



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