Hartnett on Bunraku

Time will tell whether or not Josh Hartnett's attempts to sell his new project 'BUNRAKU' will prove genius or just embarrassing, but one thing's for sure, it sounds bat shit insane. From what I can tell it seems like either the film is a secret government operation and Hartnett is trying to throw terrorists off the scent, or he genuinely doesn't have a god damn clue what the film is about. Fortunately, Hartnett likens it to pretty much everything on the face of the Earth, to give you a frame of reference. Here are a couple of things he likens the film to: SIN CITY, 400 year old Japanese theater, paper mache, Alfred Hitchcock's ROPE, revenge, 4 foot tall puppets, fantasy, SIN CITY, Michel Gondry. Geddit? Good. If you're a fan of seeing all those things in one movie, or if you're a Navajo code-breaker and you want to take a stab at figuring out what the hell he's talking about, check the interview out HERE. For the moment? Consider me extremely intrigued. The best I could do to tease out some kind of plot is the following quote: "Like my character, he's a gypsy and he's coming into town and he's got something to prove — and no one really knows what he's about." In a perfect world, this would be Hartnett running around with tattoos and a 4-foot-tall Turkish telling people to 'fehk arff' and asking Brick Top and Errol for a paper mache caravan. I'd definitely pay to see that movie.
Extra Tidbit: When asked about who was going to be directing the film, Hartnett replied "Wakawaka sugar plum Chelsea Clinton satay sticks", before getting into a tinfoil rocket ship and rolling away.
Source: MTV



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