Harvey 'Toy-Face' Dent

It’s come down to this, hasn’t it. After four years at one of Canada’s top universities, here I am at 1 a.m. writing a news story about a blurry picture of an action figure. You should be proud, professor Ponech. Your lectures and insights have served me well. The picture below seems to be our first look at Aaron Eckhart has Harvey Dent/Two-Face in this summer’s mildly anticipated THE DARK KNIGHT. It looks like they’ve gone with the same purple motif for the scarred skin used on Tommy Lee Jones’ Two-Face incarnation in BATMAN FOREVER. The filmmakers also confirmed that Dent’s deformity will be a combination of CG effects and makeup, something I’m having trouble envisioning. So take a look at the blurry photo of a toy BELOW, and scrutinize it, analyze it, worship it, make love to it, and ignore everything else in life, because it’s THE DARK KNIGHT, ok?

Extra Tidbit: When I was reading over this story, as any self-respecting writer should always do, I noticed that I misspelled Aaron Eckhart as Aaron Eckhard. Amazing male pornstar name, right?
Source: Dark Horizons



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