Has Elektra been found?

Marvel Entertainment head Avi Arad spoke to the E! Channel last week and revealed that barring some technicalities, the role of Elektra had been cast for the DAREDEVIL movie. He didn't mention names, but courtesy of Harry and his web of spies over at AICN, we've got a pretty good idea on who it might be.  Ever watch that show "Alias" on ABC?  Yup, Jennifer Garner, the ass-kicking top-secret agent is reportedly very, very close to signing the deal to star alongside Ben Affleck. Remember - this has not been confirmed yet (although could be by Variety or The Hollywood Reporter on Monday morning) so for now, consider it still rumor.  But it's definitely an interesting rumor....

So I know what you're all thinking - what does Mike (that's me, by the way) think of all this?  Well, I guess it's better than Lucy Liu but I'm still not sold 100%.  My wife is a big "Alias" fan so I've seen my fair share of the show and while she's certainly got the physicality of the role down (she kicks butt in every episode), I'm not quite sure she's got the look. There was always something about her that struck me as odd.  Sometimes there will be a picture or angle that will make her look extremely attractive, then the next minute she'll look strangely unattractive.  Like that "Seinfeld" episode where the girl only looked good in the one booth at the coffee shop.  I still kinda wish they had found that "unknown Greek actress" they had been promising, but I suppose it could've been a lot worse.  And look at how Hugh Jackman surprised the shit out of everyone....

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