Hasbro is dropping a Transformers rock album onto the music world

When I first heard the news that a TRANSFORMERS rock album was going to be a thing, I was curiously hopeful. What would Optimus Prime sound like fronting a band? Would Megatron unleash a wrath of angry Limp Bizkit-style tuneage? What kind of feelings might Bumblebee need to express in a ballad?

Sadly, we won't be finding out in the TRANSFORMERS-inspired rock album called TRANSFORMERS ROLL OUT that Hasbro has announced. Bush, Crash Kings and MEW are the types of bands you'll hear, with others rounding out the track list that looks exactly like this.

1. Mount Holly (“Roll Out”)
2. Bush (“This House is on Fire”)
3. Crash Kings (“Gigantik”)
4. MEW (“Count to Ten”)
5. Elle Rae (“Into the Fire”)
6. SPURS (“Exiled”)
7. Jameson Burt (“Just a Spark”)
8. Ours (“Stronger”)
9. Darby™ (“Modern Man”)
10. Born Cages (“Our Revolution”)

If that piques your interest, then know you can pre-order TRANSFORMERS ROLL OUT as of yesterday, in advance of the album's April 15 release date. And, if you're really into the idea of this, you can score limited edition CD and vinyl copies of ROLL OUT exclusively at FYE stores, which I didn't even know still were open until this very moment.

Care for a taste of what TRANSFORMERS rock sounds like? Then check out Mount Holly's "Roll Out" and Crash King's "Gigantik" off the album. They're more than meets the eyes - whatever that even means. Enjoy (or don't).

Source: Billboard



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