Hasselhoff the Ninja?

In truly one of the more bizarre stories I've reported on in the last few years, it seems that a sequel to the 1997 Chris Farley film BEVERLY HILLS NINJA has been given the greenlight and will star David Hasselhoff? Yup, BEVERLY HILLS NINJA 2 will begin filming on October 6th with Hasselhoff, Lucas Grabeel (HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL) and Lin Chiling set to star. The film will follow an orphaned boy who wants to be a ninja but gets mixed up with a crime syndicate while searching for his parents. Hasselhoff's character is named (wait for it....) Ansel LaDouche and is described as being an evil action movie superstar. The movie has little or nothing to do with the Farley original other than it has a vaguely similar plot and writer of the original Mitch Klebanoff will return to direct. Why they're bothering to remake a movie that wasn't very good to begin with (even star Chris Rock called it the "worst piece of shit") is beyond me. We'll have a chance to ask those questions and more when the start of production press conference takes place on October 4th in South Korea where the film will be shot. Seriously.

Extra Tidbit: WTF to the Nth degree.
Source: Variety



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