Hawk the Slayer sequel

Here's something I honestly thought I would never see: a sequel to the deliciously cheesy 1980 fantasy flick HAWK THE SLAYER.

The original sword-and-sorcery tale starred now-familiar character actor John Terry (yes, Jack Shephard's dad on "LOST") as the warrior Hawk, on a quest to free the realm from the reign of his tyrannical brother Voltan (played by Jack Palance at his  scenery-munching finest).

Director Terry Marcel is coming back for Jinga Films' HAWK THE HUNTER, but there will be a new warrior brandishing the Mind-sword: British actor Tom Hardy. Though he may be best known to genre fans as villainous Picard-clone Shinzon in STAR TREK: NEMESIS, Hardy has also appeared in LAYER CAKE, BLACK HAWK DOWN and ROCKnROLLA, and is currently receiving raves for his starring role in the brutal prison movie BRONSON.

The new HAWK saga, budgeted at $10 million, is currently searching for an appropriate Voltan. Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer for the original awesomely awful cult fave B-movie below.

Extra Tidbit: HAWK THE SLAYER was the cause of fanboy fisticuffs on the UK show "SPACED".
Source: Jinga



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