Hawke a vampire

The 2005 film UNDEAD didn't exactly make much of an impression on its release. Despite being made in 2003, it was released after a wave of other similarly themed zombie movies like DAWN OF THE DEAD and 28 DAYS LATER. But those who actually took the time and watch the Spierig brothers film saw a movie that was a pretty solid entry in the genre. It certainly showed promise for the directors who were making their feature directorial debut. The Spierigs are back again with their follow-up DAYBREAKERS and have signed Ethan Hawke to star. The film takes place about 10 years in the future when vampires have all but wiped out the human race. The vampires are scouring the land looking for the last remaining humans while a covert group - led by Hawke - have found a way to save the human race. Weta Workshop will create the creature effects for the film so you know it's gonna be pretty bad-ass. Filming on DAYBREAKERS is set to begin this July in Australia. Hawke can be seen next in the Sidney Lumet drama BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD.

Extra Tidbit: Arrow listed UNDEAD as one of his Top 10 Movies of 2003.



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