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It's hard to interview Ethan Hawke and not ask about a follow up to BEFORE SUNSET. Well at least to those of us who were captivated by the relationship that never was.

Luckily, Collider snuck in a few questions on the chance of a third installment. The good thing is that another film isn't off the table, “My thought is we will make one as soon as everybody has forgotten about it.” It might take a bit for that to happen. The fate of Jesse and Celine was always so up in the air. Even if it felt like destiny had taken it's course, it hadn't. There were still feelings lingering. The endless world of what if's and maybe's.

Hawke continued to talk about a follow-up, "The only thing that makes following it up difficult is I think when we finished that film there was not a doubt in the three of our minds that we would do it again. There is some kind of parallel universe that all three of us are working on…co-writing is so incredibly difficult and it happens so easily with the three of us - we have such a fun time. The success of the second film has made it a little difficult to see our way around how to do it. Because the first time we revisited it there was no expectation."

The obvious key to the film was the nine year gap between SUNRISE and SUNSET. Viewers got to see a realistic evolution between the two characters. So, is a significant amount of time what the next movie needs? "My bet is we need to follow exactly the formula which is to let it happen organically. That at some point we will really have something to say. Because the second one for example…there are other scripts. What happens is as time goes by, we had a version of that movie that happened two years later. But once it took us five years and we can’t get the money to make that movie we have to rethink it." To check out the rest of the interview, head over here.

Extra Tidbit: If you haven't ever checked out sUburbia, which was also directed by Richard Linklater, you should.
Source: Collider



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