Hawn's Christmas

Seeing as how cinematic gems like DECK THE HALLS, CHRISTMAS WITH THE CRANKS and one of my personal favourites, JINGLE ALL THE WAY, taught film-makers everywhere that movies about people finding the spirit of Christmas are always great, Fox Searchlight has optioned THE ROSENBERGS SAVE CHRISTMAS by Elisa Bell (LITTLE BLACK BOOK) and Jeff Kline.

The storyline revolves around a newly engaged couple from differing religious backgrounds. When the two families come together for the joyous event, both mothers collide and it's presumably up to someone to save Christmas. The film is being lined up as a potential starring vehicle for Goldie Hawn who hasn't been seen since THE BANGER SISTERS.

I'm not sure why movies like these keep getting made. The only films I can think of that I like, which happened at Christmas either involve people being drunk as Santa (BAD SANTA) or people getting killed between snappy one-liners (KISS, KISS, BANG, BANG or DIE HARD). Are there actually any good movies about people trying to save Christmas?
Source: Variety



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