Hayden a Daydream believer

"Heroes" hottie Hayden Panettiere has signed on to star in the upcoming indie comedy DAYDREAM NATION with Kieran Culkin in negotiations to co-star. So far not much is known about the plot but producers describe Panettiere's character as having an acerbic wit very similar to JUNO. Shudder. Wow, that's one side-effect of the JUNO phenomenon that I haven't even considered. I mean the only thing worse than JUNO that I can think of is a sub-par JUNO rip-off. In another JUNO similarity, DAYDREAM NATION is named for a seminal album by Sonic Youth, a band name-dropped in JUNO. The film will mark the directing debut of Michael Goldbach who also wrote the script. I'd tell you a little more about Goldbach but his IMDB resume lists only one "co-written by" credit. Filming on DAYDREAM is expected to begin this summer or fall. But what if the strike ends this weekend and "Heroes" picks back up? Wouldn't that put this project in serious jeopardy? Hmmm...

Extra Tidbit: Panettiere was originally cast as Jodie Foster's daughter in PANIC ROOM but was replaced by Kristen Stewart.
Source: Variety



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