Hayden Panettiere and Nikki Reed are into Bret Easton Ellis

It was way back in February 2008 that we heard Bret Easton Ellis (AMERICAN PSYCHO, RULES OF ATTRACTION) was adapting Michael Hornburg's novel DOWNER'S GROVE for the big-screen.

Now he's finally getting some teens (who, naturally, aren't actual teens) for the high school thriller: "Heroes" cutie Hayden Panettiere and TWILIGHT's Nikki Reed, who will also be seen together in SCREAM 4. They join Rebecca De Mornay in the project, being directed by horror remaker Nelson McCormick (PROM NIGHT, THE STEPFATHER).

A quick rundown of the story (via Amazon): "Crystal Methedrine Swanson is on the verge of graduating from Downers Grove High in Illinois. Chrissie, as her friends call her, has a lot to deal with on the home front: her father has left without a trace, her brother is addicted to heroin and her mother is dating an increasingly sinister new beau. Chrissie and her boy-crazy, sexpot best friend, Tracy, also worry about "the curse" of their high school: each year before graduation, somebody in the senior class dies in a bizarre way. One year a math whiz killed several people in the parking lot before turning the shotgun on himself; other graduations were marred by suicide, drowning and several drunk-driving accidents. After Chrissie beats up a jock who tried to rape her at a party, she becomes terrified that she will be the next statistic. The jock and his buddies pursue an escalating plot of revenge beginning with a vicious car chase. They also set fire to Chrissie's school locker and strew dead dogs on her lawn. Adding to the plot twists of this teenybopper drama is Chrissie's obsession with a 26-year-old mechanic-cum-race-car driver named Bobby. Tough, insensitive and super-cool, Bobby is the kind of character only a teenage girl could love."

Extra Tidbit: Seems like perfect material for Ellis, but so did THE INFORMERS...
Source: THR



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