Hayden Panettiere and other hotties join Scream 4?

With a July start date on the horizon, Dimension and director Wes Craven are beginning to round out the cast of their film. Hayden Panettiere, Ashley Greene, Lake Bell and Rory Culkin are all in talks to join the cast of the film, which already includes returning stars Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox.

Green (TWILIGHT) would essentially be playing the role Campbell playing in the original film. She'd be starring as Jill, the cousin of Sidney Prescott. While you might think that Panettiere would be playing the Drew Barrymore character this time around, she's actually the Randy. She'd be playing a friend of Jill's who is a movie-obsessed geek. Culkin would play Jill's boyfriend and Bell would play a former classmate of Sidney's who is now a local police officer (and, already in my mind, the primary suspect).

Keep in mind that none of the actors have officially signed on to the film and because Dimension is being so secretive about the script, they're only sending prospective stars descriptions of their characters. So as talks continue, any of the above actors could find out that the role isn't something they'd be interested in and may back out.

Extra Tidbit: Doesn't this seem like it's getting a little crowded?
Source: THR



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