Hayter on Lost Planet

Although he's been busy providing the voice of Solid Snake in the METAL GEAR videogame series, David Hayter has kept a fairly low profile since "breaking through" as the credited writer of Bryan Singer's first X-MEN.

Now he's on another videogame, but this time penning an adaptation of the snowy shooter LOST PLANET: EXTREME CONDITIONS. The top-selling game comes from Capcom, who are financing the live-action flick with Warner Bros., and former Marvel movie honcho Avi Arad will produce.

I still haven't played it -- too many things ahead of it on the Gamefly queue -- but here's the synopsis: In LOST PLANET, you're a snow pirate - battling for control of the precious thermal energy needed for humans to survive. Navigate your VS (Vital Suits) through hostile ice-covered environments, fighting against the indigenous Akrid creatures for the precious thermal energy they need to survive. For one such pilot named Wayne, death almost seemed imminent until he was fortunately rescued. However, he can only remember a few fragments of his past including the slaying of his father by the monstrous beings. Yet under the veil of ice, a devious plot has been set into motion by NEVEC. What really happened to Wayne and how will his destiny become intertwined with NEVEC's plans?

Hayter also wrote a well-received draft of WATCHMEN, and had once planned to write and direct a flick based on Marvel's sexy spy BLACK WIDOW.
Extra Tidbit: Hayter played the lead role in the rubber-suit masterpiece GUYVER 2: DARK HERO.
Source: Variety



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