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HBO is preparing an HD remastered version of acclaimed series The Wire


THE WIRE consistently ranks as one of the greatest television series of all time. But, despite all the critical acclaim, the HBO series about the political and legal sides of life in Baltimore never reached the same level of popularity as BOARDWALK EMPIRE or THE SOPRANOS. But, now six years after the fifth and final season of the show, HBO looks to be preparing a new treat for fans of the show.

HBO has been preparing an HD remastered version of all five seasons of THE WIRE and even went as far as to release a promo touting a marathon of every episode. The promo, embedded below, indicated an air date of September 4th which the cable network has now claimed was premature.

While there is not word as to what the HD remaster will include, I would assume it would be a corrected aspect ratio. While filmed in 35mm, all five seasons aired in 4:3 when they first premiered. Getting a full 16:9 look at THE WIRE would definitely be a win for fans of the gritty series. The other big question is whether the remaster will replace the current version on HBO GO and Amazon Prime or if this will be a Blu-ray release. With HBO being quiet about when we can expect to see the cleaned up HD version, fans are likely excited to get a chance to revisit the show.



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