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HBO reportedly looking to begin production on Deadwood movie in Fall 2018


Deadwood 2018

It's been over a decade since Deadwood last graced our screens, but maybe, just maybe, we haven't seen the last of Seth Bullock (Timothy Olyphant), Al Swearengen (Ian McShane), Trixie (Paula Malcomson), Alma Garret (Molly Parker), and the rest of the colourful residents of Deadwood, South Dakota. Rumours emerged several years ago that Deadwood creator David Milch was having "very preliminary conversations" with HBO about bringing the series back as a movie, and HBO later gave Milch the go-ahead. Since then we've heard that David Milch had delivered a "terrific" script and that HBO was "quite keen" to get the project moving, but, we haven't heard all that much which has inspired confidence that it will actually happen.

However, according to TVLine, HBO is reportedly eyeing a Fall 2018 production start on the Deadwood revival movie. Still seems a long way off, and the project hasn't received an official green-light just yet, but I'll take it. Several cast-members, including Ian McShane, Paula Malcomson, Kim Dickens, W. Earl Brown, and more have already commented on the script, but it was Malcomson who offered up a small tease when she revealed that the Deadwood movie would be a "big Valentine to Trixie and Al [Swearengen]." Malcomson says that she was also impressed with how David Milch was able to step right back into Deadwood's world after so much time away.

The thing that makes Trixie so fun to play is she’s so loved by David. David loves her so much. I can’t believe her voice is still so present. It’s just right there. It’s really beautiful when you play a character that the writer [adores]. It just goes so deep for him. And I love her [too]. It’s 10 years [later], so it’s going to be really interesting.

As much as I would LOVE to see the return of Deadwood, even if it's only in the form of a two-hour movie, I'm trying painfully hard not to let my hopes get too high. Tentatively eyeing a production start is certainly a step in the right direction, and although the Deadwood revival isn't 100% a sure thing, Paula Malcomson said, "I really think it will happen [this time]. And I would never say that. I’m usually the most cynical about these things." I hope you're right, Paula. I hope you're right. HBO's Casey Bloys has said that rounding all of the numerous Deadwood actors up is proving to be a challenge, as is coming up with a budget and finding a director. "It’s no easy task," Bloys said. "[But] we’re inclined to do it." Fingers crossed.

Source: TVLine
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