He is coming!!

Since it seems like Chris Nolan is throwing his fellow Brits a bone, I'm waiting for my first look at the trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT. Wait, where was I going with that? What the hell was I talking about? Oh, right, he seems to have thrown Empire what looks like is going to be an absolutely awesome picture of The Joker! I say that with a little trepidation because we can't quite see the thing yet; it's hidden behind 9 playing cards which are burning away to reveal the clown prince, but rest assured this thing is already sweet. As I find it, the bottom three have already burned away and we get to see his pants, multi-colored socks and his shoes (all of which are pretty much fucking perfect), with the fella stood in what appears to be a prison. Oh, and it looks awesome. Go check it out right HERE. No word on whether this is going to be a new cover for the magazine, or the first poster, or just a dynamite picture. Either way I'm extremely excited, probably more excited than is appropriate, so I think I'm gonna go and lie down for a moment. Hopefully when I wake up all will have been revealed.
Extra Tidbit: Probably the most excited I've been about multi-colored socks since my Auntie Bridget got me a pair two Christmases back. That was an awesome day.
Source: Empire



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