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He-Man art tribute

Children of the 80s, this one's for you.

Every year, Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles holds an "Under The Influence" art show, where in years past, pop culture figures such as the Beastie Boys and Stan Lee have been honored. This year it's all about He-Man and The Masters of the Universe, and a multitude of artists will be contributing to the exhibition, each one with their own "unique vision of the wonderfully rich fantasy world of Eternia."

For all you Los Angeles schmoes interested in checking this out in person, the show will run between January 8 and 29. And it's free! Visit Gallery 1988's official website RIGHT HERE for more info.

Below is a small sampling of the awesome artwork that will be on display. Head on over to /Film to see more!

Extra Tidbit: I want that He-Man Getting a Haircut image on a t-shirt RIGHT NOW.
Source: /FilmThe Toyark



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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