He-Man remake coming!

UPDATE - Warner Bros. confirms the news below this morning (5/24). Not much additional news was added other than it would be filmed using the 300-style heavy greenscreen approach. Interesting...

You kinda had to know with TRANSFORMERS shaping up to be one of the biggest films of the summer, that someone would go back and revisit the idea of a HE-MAN or MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie. Sure enough, they have. Ain't It Cool is reporting that Joel Silver will produce a HE-MAN movie for Warner Bros. and that Justin Marks (currently writing SUPERMAX for WB) will write the script. Now I'm quite sure that this version won't have Dolph Lundgren in it but that doesn't mean it's instantly going to be a great film. Making a TRANSFORMERS movie cool should be a snap compared to making a HE-MAN movie cool. I mean it's about a guy who runs around with his shirt off and has a big floppy haircut and rides a green cougar. Not exactly the easiest thing in the world to pull off. But I'm certainly curious to see them try...

Extra Tidbit: John Woo tried and failed to get a He-Man film off the ground.



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