Heath as the devil?

When I start thinking about PARADISE LOST I start experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and start flashing back to junior year English class. Not exactly fun for a high school student but Hollywood is hoping it'll be more of a blast for moviegoers. Scott Derrickson (THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE) is directing the film with Legendary Pictures (300, SUPERMAN RETURNS) financing the project at over $100 million. The New York Times did a feature on the project this weekend where producers mentioned they're talking to both Heath Ledger and Daniel Craig to star as Lucifer, the angel who attempted to rebel in heaven and was banished to hell. It's weird to picture people playing the Devil and God himself but I guess Daniel Craig would be a decent choice as Lucifer. The Times adds that the Adam and Eve aspect to the story has been removed because of the simple fact that you can't have two main characters naked all the time in a $100 million dollar movie. Producers say they're modeling their Satan after Henry Hill from GOODFELLAS. "Scorsese makes you feel the rush of being in the Mafia — what it’s like to be special, get the best table at a restaurant, kill anyone and get away with it. Milton was after something like that, and that’s what we’re trying to convey." Milton by way of Scorsese? Interesting...

Extra Tidbit: Derrickson has a theology major and has had significant input on the script.
Source: New York Times



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