Heigl gets Lost?!

Sorry for misleading you with that title - Katherine Heigl isn't leaving "Grey's Anatomy" to star in "Lost." Though that would be cool (I guess...), Heigl will instead star in and produce an adaptation of the bestselling novel "Lost and Found." Written by Jacqueline Sheehan, the film follows a widow who moves to an island in Maine and works at an animal hospital. There she bonds with a black lab and overcomes grief and well, you know the drill. One review I read said that you will "smile through the tears. Or perhaps vomit through the boredom. LOST would be Heigl's first film in her newly formed production company she started with her mother titled Abishag. OK, I don't even know what the weirdest thing about that last sentence is. While I'm not the biggest fan of Heigl's, I've got to give the girl credit for doing a complete 180 with her career. Remember some of the crap she was doing just two years ago? The good news is, we got a lot of the half-naked layouts in the bag cause I have a feeling she wouldn't do any of that stuff now. Heigl, who just won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress for her role on "Grey's" recently wrapped filming on the romantic comedy 27 DRESSES.

Extra Tidbit: Heigl actually once dated Joey "WHOA!" Lawrence.
Source: Variety



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