Helen Mirren signs on for Arthur remake with Russell Brand

Classy older woman meets...Russell Brand.

The lovely Helen Mirren has signed on to join Brand in the remake of ARTHUR.

At first I thought she might be playing the role of Martha Bach, Arthur's Mother who wants him to marry someone proper or else she will cut off his inheritance. This assumption was wrong. The plot has been re-worked a tad.

In the original, Arthur's dry humored valet Hobson (played by John Gielgud) was there at his every beck and call. He also served as a second Father figure to Arthur, even though in the film Hobson seems less than thrilled to work for him. Well, scratch all that and change it. Instead of a male valet, Mirren will play the long time nanny of Arthur.

Filming will hopefully start in July with Jason Winer (MODERN FAMILY) helming the project.

At first I wasn't all too thrilled with an Arthur remake (what's new?). But now that Mirren is joining, consider my interest level raised.

Extra Tidbit: I can see Russell Brand in the remake of DROP DEAD FRED, but Rik Mayall was great in that role. "Hey Snotface!"
Source: THR



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