Hell Ride poster

Even if it wasn't produced by Quentin Tarantino, HELL RIDE would still be looking like a whole lot of fun. I mean any time you get Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones and Dennis Hopper together in the same movie, you're in for a good time. HELL RIDE is a throwback to the motorcycle films of the 70s with a dash of Sergio Leone thrown in for good measure. The film was written and directed by Larry Bishop (who also plays a role in the film) and follows a group of bikers who look to avenge the death of a woman at the hands of a rival gang, the Satanic 666ers. The film is showing at midnight screenings in Sundance so expect reviews to start pouring in rather quickly as word gets out. Shock Till You Drop has a first look at the poster today and it features some really bad-ass illustrations. That's just a tease to your right - you'll have to head to STYD for the full image. So far no release date has been set for HELL RIDE but let's hope it's sooner rather than later.

Extra Tidbit: Bishop had a small role in KILL BILL as Larry Gomez.



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