Hellboy 2 casting

With the success and awards attention he received from his dark fairy tale PAN'S LABYRINTH, it's probably safe to say that filmmaker Guillermo del Toro can get what he wants. And what he wants is... Luke Goss?

According to IESB, del Toro is bringing his BLADE II supervampire back for a part in his upcoming HELLBOY 2. No word on what specific role the former British pop star might play, but given his slender appearance, he might make for a good demon of some sort. Goss has kept pretty close to genre material since his unhinged jaw was smacked by Snipes, appearing in numerous low-budget horror flicks and one incredibly silly Hong Kong action movie.

HELLBOY 2 will reportedly begin production in June, and will find Ron Perlman's big red monster-stomper joining his BPRD comrades to battle a merciless dictator and an unstoppable army of creatures. I like the sound of that...
Extra Tidbit: More monster cred: Goss played the Creature in a 2004 TV production of FRANKENSTEIN -- but not the one from that year that was directed by TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE guy Marcus Nispel.
Source: IESB



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