Helms has Intelligence

amyvodvy feen vy foofh?

THE HANGOVER keeps raking in all kinds of benefits for everyone involved, especially its otherwise little-known headliners who are quickly becoming household names. So much that the words "Star Vehicle" are now being dropped around them.

Such words are used to describe CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE, which Universal just acquired for Ed Helms. The script from Ike Barinholtz and Dave Stassen will see the tooth-gapped tall guy play a mild accountant whose reunion with an old friend through social networking turns into an international espionage nightmare. Twitter is EVIL Ed, ya hear???

Added to reprising his role of Andy from The Office, Helms also has CEDAR RAPIDS aligned for Fox Searchlight to keep him busy until fall next year where production will begin on the HANGOVER sequel. I wonder where they'll take those three guys to next. Any thoughts?

Extra Tidbit: I hope the bring back Heather Graham for the sequel! You can never have enough of Heather playing a burlesque entertainer.
Source: Variety



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