Help Leonardo DiCaprio finally grab his Oscar in free online game

One of the running jokes among people who deal in the movies is that Leonardo DiCaprio, regardless of how many strong performances in quality pictures he's done, still has never managed to capture an Oscar. This year looks like it may be different, with his lead role in THE REVENANT expected to get him off the snide, but, just in case things don't pan out, there's a new browser game online that allows you to help Leo get his hands on one of those elusive Academy Awards.

Leo's Red Carpet Rampage is an arcade-style scrolling game that will throw a number of obstacles in your way to try to keep that gold statuette out of your reach, but with enough determination and video game know-how, you should hopefully be able to get DiCaprio to the stage to claim his trophy and finally be known as an Oscar winner.

Do your best to get Leo that Oscar at RedCarpetRampage.com. We'll find out if it happens for him in real life at the 88th Academy Awards on February 28.

Source: The Line



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