Help! They want braaaainsss! Is a zombie Beatles movie on the way?

Two things I will never grow tired of:

1. The Beatles

2. Zombies

Imagine my brain exploding when I find out that these two worlds have collided in the form of a graphic novel from Alan Goldsher called "Paul is Undead". It's the retelling of the history of The Beatles, except for a few minor details.

John Lennon is a zombie guitarist in Liverpool who decides to eat the flesh of Paul McCartney thereby reanimating him, then he does the same with George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The group creates a sensation with their music as well as their mayhem traveling across the world munching on the brains of adoring fans. In a crazy turn of events they are being tracked down by England's greatest zombie hunter Mick Jagger and at some point battle eighth level ninja Yoko Ono.

How would you like to see all of this on the big screen? Double Feature partners Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher are optioning the graphic novel. Sher and Shamberg have produced several properties like PULP FICTION, GARDEN STATE, and REALITY BITES. Sher said this on the novel, "I am a huge Beatle's fan like the rest of the world and Alan's mash up, which really showcases his love of music history and his appreciation of the zombie world, is a fun, funny read. The illustrations are fantastic, and how can you not love a book where Jesus agrees with Zombie John Lennon, that the Beatles are in fact bigger than him. We will be going out to studios, financiers, and talent soon."

How does this sound to all of you? Tacky, stupid, awesome? Honestly, I'd like to pick up the graphic novel to see how the story plays out, but for now, it sounds pretty cool.

Extra Tidbit: Clever zombie/Beatles songs or puns? Mine? "All You Need is Brains".
Source: Deadline



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