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To steal a line from Chris Rock, Luke Wilson need a hit like a crackhead need a hit. That’s because he stars in small projects like THE WENDELL BAKER STORY and IDIOCRACY, and stars in big ones like MY SUPER-EX GIRLFRIEND. He’s nailed the everyman persona, he just hasn’t found a good outlet for it. His new film, HENRY POOLE IS HERE, looks like it could be his best shot in a while. Based on the trailer, this film won’t break any records, but it could garner poor Luke some much-needed critical attention. The film is directed by Marc Pellington (who did the amazing and overlooked ARLINGTON ROAD) and is about a man who’s given up on life (aka James Thoo) until one day he finds a mysterious stain on the side of his stucco house. This draws the attention of the neighborhood and the cute girl next door (Radha Mitchell), and self-discovery ensues.

Henry Poole Is Here Trailer
Extra Tidbit: The film premiered at Sundance, and a critic from Variety wrote: "Because it's billed as a more personal project for Mark Pellington after a string of interesting, idiosyncratic thrillers (Arlington Road, The Mothman Prophecies), Henry Poole Is Here is all the more disappointing." Sorry Luke.
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