Here's your daily Captain America casting update

UPDATE: THR's Heat Vision is reporting exclusively that Chris Evans has been offered the role of Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Marvel nor the actor's reps have commented on the news as of yet. They also mention that Evans did not screen test but the fact that he already has a relationship with Marvel because of FANTASTIC FOUR is helpful. You guys know he'll take this if what we're hearing is true.

Yesterday, someone made the comment that we didn't get any Captain America casting news.

Well I've got some for ya today buddy, and I'm sorry but Gary Coleman has not been approached for the role yet.

According to IESB, it's down to three actors: Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, and Sebastian Stan. Now, we all know who Evans and Tatum are, but I had no clue who Stan was. He's on that vapid whore show, GOSSIP GIRL. Another question, since when did it go from castmate Chance Crawford to Stan? Apparently he's in the running now.

Alex Ross, an illustrator well known for his great comic work drawing iconic characters like Superman, Batman, and even Cap gave his own opinion on who should be cast, "We've been saying for years, if you don't sign Jon Hamm to play this part, you're crazy. Captain America is supposed to be the patriarch of the Marvel universe. To get a guy in his early to mid-20s is only thinking about where the character began, not what he ultimately needs to become."

Hamm is a choice I can get behind, but that's about as likely as when we were wanting Nathan Fillion to play Green Lantern. He was hilarious as Lex Luthor as evidenced below.

Extra Tidbit: If I have to choose between these three, I'm definitely going with Evans.



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