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Heroes collide in the trailer for next week's big Arrow/Flash crossover


We here at JoBlo.com have been reviewing both DC Comics series THE FLASH and ARROW this season and have been pretty positive on both. While ARROW has dipped a bit compared to the first two seasons, THE FLASH has been a hell of a fun ride so far. Now, both heroes will face off in the anticipated crossover episodes airing next week on The CW.

Starting with "Flash vs. Arrow" on Tuesday and concluding with Wednesday's "The Brave and the Bold", the two episode crossover will pit Barry Allen and Oliver Queen in a showdown of meta-human versus guy with a bow and arrow. But, Queen is more than just an archer as you can tell in the trailer below.

The main foe that pulls the two heroes together is Captain Boomerang, a potential addition to the small screen Suicide Squad, who debuted at the end of last week's ARROW. Obviously something drives a wedge between the two friends that forces them to fight, but I doubt this will be the only time it happens. If the two series continue on for years to come, I am hoping we get to see many more crossovers in the future.

The crossover event airs December 2nd and 3rd on The CW.

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