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Heroes dropped?


Fanboys worldwide were getting themselves hot and bothered over the announced "Heroes: Origins" TV series that NBC announced earlier this summer. Not just because it was a "Heroes" spinoff but because they had convinced Kevin Smith and Eli Roth to write and direct episodes. Well, prepare to be let down. Before one episode had even gone before cameras, "Origins" is no more. The Hollywood Reporter sez that NBC has cancelled "Heroes: Origins" and has no plans to air any of the six episodes. Why, you ask? For one, money. With the strike looming, it seems NBC is trying to reallocate some funds for reality/news programming that can be created without WGA writers. If you needed another reason, all you have to do is watch the current season of "Heroes." It's been widely criticized for, well, sucking and ratings have dropped to record low numbers. All this is presumably leading to lower "Heroes" enthusiasm than where we were over the summer when Smith and Roth were hired and Quentin Tarantino was offered (he turned it down). It's unclear whether Smith and Roth's scripts were finished and if they'd ever make it online but it's disappointing that we won't see these guys take on the "Heroes"-verse. Perhaps it's better than the "Heroes" guys fix what's wrong with Season 2 before they start worrying about a spinoff...

Extra Tidbit: Before the "Heroes" lovers flame me, I love "Heroes" too! That's why I'm so disappointed...



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