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Heroes Reborn promo asks where all the heroes have gone


Lest you forget, Heroes will be making its way back to smaller screens with Heroes Reborn. The 13-episode series will follow a new group of individuals coming to grips extraordinary abilities, although fans of the original series can expect a few cameos along the way. While an exact date hasn't been given for the return, we now have a new promo giving us a glimpse into what world these heroes will be occupying.

I never got around to checking out the original Heroes when it aired, namely because of all the bad word-of-mouth following the second and third seasons. This limited run, much like the X-Files, seems to me like networks are testing the waters to see if audiences would like to jump back into these stories and these characters. The world of TV has changed a lot over the years, and with so many great shows out there, I'm looking forward to seeing if these "sequel shows" will kick things up a notch. Bring on the Metallica covers!

Heroes Reborn will begin its 13-episode run this Fall on NBC.

Source: NBC



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