Hey, guys! Another Sex and the City 2 poster! Yeah!

I'm sorry, gentlemen (and gentlewomen not into this). It's a slow news morning, so we shall be reduced to admiring the latest one sheet for SEX IN THE CITY 2, a film that's sure to be one of the highest grossing this May whether you like it or not.

What I don't get though is why don't they make these one sheets a little more appealing to guys. I mean, our minds are pretty much made up about this film no matter what. We're not the target demo, and that's fine. But at least give us a poster where the girls are showing off some more skin (I'm pretty much exclusively talking about Kristin Davis here who happens to give me boners). Know what I mean? Give us something.

Get dragged to see SEX IN THE CITY 2 by your significant other on May 27th.

Extra Tidbit: After that one recent "South Park" episode, I will never see Sarah Jessica Parker the same again.
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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