HHN: Eyegore Awards!

Just when you thought it was safe to not read anymore about Halloween Horror Nights…

Before my adventures with Derek “Jason Voorhees” Mears and the rest of the crew from the latest FRIDAY THE 13th, I got the chance to witness the Eyegore Awards. This year they honored some of horror’s finest including Bill Moesley from THE DEVIL’S REJECTS and much more. There was Julie Benz from “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Dexter”. Roger Corman finally got his love because he was unable to attend last year. Gunnar Hansen who is still my favorite Leatherface from the original THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. And of course, the man who created this chainsaw classic, Tobe Hooper.

Roger Corman and Tobe Hooper

The festivities were hosted by the dapper Corey Feldman… and yes, I realize I said dapper and Corey Feldman in the same sentence. I really like the guy and his suit kinda kicked arse.

Feldman impresses JimmyO with his sharp duds

Haim on the other hand?... Not so much.

But before the awards, I was on the red carpet talking to Cerina Vincent, Christa Campbell, Derek Mears and Roger Corman, plus a few others that are keeping the nightmare alive.

JoBlo.com interviews the stars on the EyeGore Awards red carpet

This was the night where horror reigned supreme, and here are a few highlights. Don’t forget, there is still time if you are living in Los Angeles or you plan to visit. Halloween Horror Nights is a worthy blast of horrors past and present.

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