Hi-Def DVD war starts

Hmm, it looks like there might just be a next-gen "format war" after all. Despite the fact that Blu-Ray have been consistently outselling HD-DVD, studios are still picking sides as the majority of consumers sit back and wonder what 1080p means.

Paramount announced today that they'd be going HD-DVD exclusive with some major upcoming titles, namely SHREK THE THIRD, BLADES OF GLORY and TRANSFORMERS, which is really the sort of movie that makes HD worthwhile.

Fox then one-upped them with their own Blu-Ray specific catalog titles, some highly coveted hi-def flicks like ROBOCOP, 28 DAYS LATER, THE FLY, INDEPENDENCE DAY, MASTER & COMMANDER, RONIN and the DIE HARD trilogy-no-more (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD will also be Blu-only).

Disney has also decided on the Blu hue for several titles, including NATIONAL TREASURE, NARNIA, FINDING NEMO and SLEEPING BEAUTY.

Universal has already selected HD as their ally, while Sony is obviously going Blu in the face. Of course, I'm already both HD and Blu capable, so no matter who wins... I win. Fight!
Extra Tidbit: Blu-Ray discs are raspberry flavored, while HD taste like black licorice. Check for yourself!
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