Hi-Def Green Hornet

If you're not familiar with the term '4K' in regards to filmmaking, you may want to get used to seeing it.

More and more productions will be taking advantage of the resolution boost, as theaters slowly upgrade to digital equipment that can display it. For clarification, the '4K' process means a movie is made in a whopping 4096 lines of horizontal resolution by 2304 vertical (hi-def digital movies such as the STAR WARS prequels were in HDTV-level 1920 by 1080).

Sony is planning a number of their major upcoming projects for the format (which naturally will utilize Sony's projectors), including the Angelina Jolie spy flick SALT (formerly EDWIN A. SALT), Roland Emmerich's disaster movie 2012, and Seth Rogen and Stephen Chow's GREEN HORNET, which is still early in development. But at least we know it'll look amazing whenever we get to see it.

For more on the format and the next-gen camera (called Red One), check out this Wired article.

Extra Tidbit: Sony's HANCOCK was released in '4K', which unfortunately didn't help the story. The upcoming 3-D remake of MY BLOODY VALENTINE also used the configuration.
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