Hi-res shot of Daredevil!!

Someone once said, "presentation is everything."  A wise person they were.  This morning's first look at the DAREDEVIL costume in USA Today left a bit to be desired - not because of the costume but because of the quality of image used.  While the print version offered a slightly better photo, the online version was pixelated, grainy and just overall crummy.  That's not how I wanted to judge Affleck in red tights for the first time.  Another person once said, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease."  They too were wise.  Mere hours after I posted my bitching about how I was unhappy with the way the debut was presented, a hi-res shot of Affleck popped up in my inbox, courtesy of Fox.  Under these new circumstances, I can easily say I'm VERY happy with the way Affleck looks as Daredevil.   The costume is different, yes, but much, much better than I expected.  All that talk about a motorcycle jacket scared the holy crap out of me.  This is good stuff though.  And Affleck, with that square jaw, wasn't he just born to play a superhero?  Anyway, enough blabbering, I'll let each and every one of you make up your own minds.  Without further ado, I present...Ben Affleck as DAREDEVIL!


Source: JoBlo.com
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