Hidden remake cast

Remakes of 80s genre movies are still getting cranked out at a steady rate, and the tentacle-filled fun of the minor classic THE HIDDEN is on the way in a new form. Retitled THE SEED, the update has a pair of actors already involved -- Neal McDonough (recently seen in FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS and, ironically, THE HITCHER remake) and Aussie actress Radha Mitchell (PITCH BLACK, SILENT HILL).

The original flick from director Jack Sholder starred Kyle MacLachlan as an interstellar cop who teams with Earth detective Michael Nouri to hunt a gooey alien body-jumper with a fondness for fast cars and excessive violence. The new version comes from Rock Shaink Jr. (great name) and Mark Jonathan Stanley, and will apparently retain only the basic framework -- the official summary of THE SEED is "A mysterious killer returns from the past, forcing a young detective to return to a case that took her mother's life years before." I hope there's tentacles, at least. They make everything better.

Both actors should be able to handle themselves -- Mitchell has twice battled shadow creatures (and fights a killer croc in the upcoming ROGUE), while McDonough fought the Borg and The Rock. Unfortunately, he lost both times...
Extra Tidbit: McDonough appeared in a low-budget movie titled THEY CALL HIM SASQUATCH.
Source: Moviehole.net



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