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Hilarious gag reel from The Avengers, plus a sneak peak at the making of documentary


UPDATE: Well, that didn't last long.  The gag reel has been pulled, but rest assured it's pretty damn good.  If you happen to catch it "elsewhere" you'll know what I mean.  In the meantime, I've updated with another extended scene featuring Loki and Hawkeye...take a look, while it lasts.

Today sees some more teases from the upcoming blu-ray/DVD release of Marvel's THE AVENGERS, this time showing off a gag reel and sneak peak at the 90 minute making-of documentary, both of which will be featured on the disc.  Gag reels have a tendency to be either really funny or really stupid, which I guess goes with the territory of being a gag reel.  Fortunately, this one for THE AVENGERS is pretty damn funny, especially with Cobie Smulders mock reaction to a certain character's death. 

The making-of tease looks sharp and I'm really looking forward to seeing the whole enchilada.  It looks like something fans of the film or filmmaking in general can sink their teeth into.  More than anything, this is really gearing up to be a hell of a blu-ray/DVD release, one which I'll likely spring the big bucks to get the total package. 

Have a look:

Have a peek:

THE AVENGERS hits blu-ray/DVD on September 25, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: What version of the disc will you be buying?
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