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Hilarious "truth" movie posters including Magic Mike, The Hobbit, John Carter, The Hunger Games, and more!


The fine folks over at The Shiznit have rounded up a new batch of "truth" movie posters for the year and they're pretty damn awesome.  While I may not dislike the movies featured here, I can't deny the hard smack of honesty that's presented here.  I mean, I loved JOHN CARTER, but that love isn't going to change the fact that it sunk like, well, a giant turd.  The rest are all self explanatory and will likely generate a good laugh, featuring some jabs at THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, MAGIC MIKE, TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE, TAKEN 2, ALEX CROSS, and more. 

Have a look:

To see the full gamut of posters, head on over to The Shiznit here and take a gander, where they tackle a few more movies, including JACK REACHER, RISE OF THE GUARDIANS, and THIS IS 40.  Good stuff.


Source: The Shiznit



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